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It's About people REMEMBERING YOUR NUMBER and getting MORE Customers!

  • Upgrade your Sales & Marketing
    A unique and memorable phone number will enhance every advertising impression and result in more sales and more revenue.
  • Enhance your Image
    Customers will think of your business as more established. More reliable and easier to do business with.
  • Step up your Branding
    Your company name or tagline to your business telephone number. Number relates to business.
  • Beat the Competition
    People will remember your phone number when they see it on your website,
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Questions About 800
Numbers & Local numbers?

Are 888, 877 and 866 prefixes the same as 800? Its all toll free!

Yes, 866, 877 and 888 numbers are all toll free and work exactly the same way.

Can I request a custom 800 number or Local number?

Yes! We have access to a tremendous number of vanity toll free and local numbers.

How long does it take to get my new number setup?

Usually 1-3 days.

Be Unique in a Crowd - Your Uniqueness is Your Identity

A vanity phone number helps your customers to remember and reach you easily. There are various reasons to avail of custom vanity phone numbers.

Why Get A Vanity 800 Phone Number?

Types of Numbers

Local Numbers

Vanity Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers

Custom Phone Numbers

Port your Current Numbers

Boost Your Customer Call and Sales with Custom, Local, Toll Free, Vanity 800 Phone Numbers!

About vanity phone numbers

A vanity phone number is a telephone number that spells out specific words or phrases according to the business niche or related term. It is generally used by business, since it is easy to remember and promote or in short it is a custom phone number that one choose for business with an easy to remember the numeric sequence.

Are vanity numbers only start from  1-800?

No, not at all this is a misconception that vanity numbers only start from 1-800, different countries have different codes and so vanity numbers for different countries start with their different area codes. Such as for USA or Canada vanity numbers start with 844, 855, 866, etc. 1-800 vanity phone numbers are universal toll free number and can be used worldwide.